The Province, April 11, 2000

View from the Highroad: 3 1/2 stars* This singer/songwriter from Smithers is one of our finest, a guy whose songs are full of the telling little joys, frustrations and messy minutiae of real life. In a world of so much artifice, he's one of the real things. -J.P.M.

The Interior News, September 1999

"…A shinny hockey game on a frozen lake. Dancing till dawn at Glenwood Hall. An immigrant from Russia looking for ‘A Better Way.’ Traveling the Grand Trunk Railway and settling here in the valley. All the songs in this latest collection highlight what many of us take for granted each and every day – life."

Connections Magazine, Smithers, BC, 1999

"At a time when so many popular songs reflect the angst of consumer-driven lifestyles, anger at looming environmental crises and nervousness at the approach of the millennium, it's sheer delight to hear music that celebrates the simple joy of being alive....It's still very much "roots" music - Rural Roots - Mark says (leaning against a trio of rural mailboxes)."

Prince Rupert This Week, 1998

"Perry comes across as a relaxed, small town guy in his introductions to his music; a funny guy. But many of the songs he writes are quite serious. "Small Plane Down" was on of these....Perry's song touched the heart; "You can hear the ghosts of the small planes down."...Perry gave us songs like "Harry's Steakhouse" which conjured up a late night bootlegger's cafe. You could practically smell the stale beer fumes."

Georgia Strait, Vancouver, BC

"Geography may have shaped Perry’s character, but it hasn’t compromised his music’s universal appeal."

Rogue Folk Review

"Offers a real slice of life, sans saccharin. I recommend it."

Kamloops This Week

"To listen to Mark Perry is indeed refreshing. His thoughts and observations are easily relatable, and like a good novel, they're intriguing."

Off Beat Magazine, Victoria, BC

"I think what sets it apart from many others is that quality that sets any apart: truth."


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