Still Around (1993)

mark-perry-still-aroundOn March 14, 1993, Mark entered the infamous Mushroom Studios in Vancouver, BC. It is haunted by the great records that were made there. He wanted to make an honest record and capture the spirit of the songs. Mark thanks Roy Forbes, who produced the album, for understanding this.

THE PLAYERS: Doug Edwards (bass), Robbie King (hammond organ), Chris Nordquist (drums), Robert Steininger (electric guitar), Roy Forbes (acoustic & electric guitar, percussion). THE SINGERS: Shari Ulrich, Bill Henderson, Roy Forbes.


  1. My Year
  2. Still Around
  3. On Your Way Back
  4. Sam
  5. I'm With You
  6. Growin' Up
  7. If You Really Want To
  8. Standin Here Today
  9. Another Chance
  10. Leap Of Faith
  11. Late Night Radio



Still Around - Mark Perry

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