Vera's Cafe (1996)

mark-perry-veras-cafeMark released his third album, Vera's Cafe, in 1996. The real Vera's Cafe was a little restaurant at the foot of Main Street in Smithers, BC. It's changed hands a few times and has brightened up since the days Mark wrote Produced by Spirit of the West member Hugh McMillan and co-produced by Mark, this 11-song recording has turned some ears with great songs and a straight forward approach to production.


  1.  This Picture
  2.  Here We Go Again
  3.  Good To Be Here
  4.  Small Plane Down
  5.  Vera's Cafe
  6.  Dark Clouds
  7.  Room To Move
  8.  New Angel
  9.  Love Is Gone
  10.  Big White House
  11.  Cold Outside




Vera's Cafe - Mark Perry

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