View from the High Road (1999)

mark-perry-view-from-the-high-roadMark's fourth album is named after the Telkwa Hi Road, a gravel backroad which runs for 43 kilometres through the Bulkley Valley and is riddled with as many potholes as it is with crazy stories and characters - like Steve and Rosie.

He co-produced the album with fellow "Smitherine" and percussionist Richard Jenne at "The Glass Elevator" recording studio which is "in the basement of a really old house" in Vancouver. Musicians include Perry (guitar and vocals), Mike Lent (bass), Tobin Frank (accordian, also a Smitherine), Richard Jenne (percussion), Vince Ditrich (drum), David Kershaw (hammond organ ), and Andreas Schuld (guitar).


  1. This Town
  2. Springtime
  3. Irene Goodnight
  4. Highroad People
  5. Frozen Lakes
  6. Harry's Steak House
  7. Good Day
  8. A River Song
  9. Looking Ahead
  10. A Better Way
  11. Joe's Song




View from the High Road - Mark Perry

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